GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company, publishes in Drug Target Review

GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company specialized in computational methods for drug discovery, discusses a novel cheminformatics approach for drug discovery, in Drug Target Review, Volume 7, Issue 02, Summer 2020.

Exploring large databases and selecting compounds of interests can be extremely time-consuming for researchers. What if there were a map of chemical molecules (like “If Columbus had a map…” ), guiding the discovery of new drugs?

In this Issue, Dr. Horst Flotow discusses with Dr. Sacha Javor and Dr. Jingwen Shi, where this technology may take drug discovery in the future. Dr. Horst Flotow is a biochemist with many years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. In Singapore, he was the founding Group Leader and Head of the Singapore Screening Center at the A-STAR’s Experimental Therapeutics Center. More recently, he has led the Hit Discovery Constance in Germany and is now a Senior Director of Business Development and Research Collaboration at HitGen Inc.