GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company, enters into a licensing agreement with Humanwell Healthcare, for the discovery of Covid-19 inhibitors using GDBspace’s chemical space drug discovery engine

GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company specialized in chemical space-based drug discovery, announces today that it entered into an exclusive global collaboration and licensing agreement with Humanwell Healthcare, a top 10 Chinese pharmaceutical company, for the design of Covid-19 inhibitors for the treatment of coronavirus infections. Financial terms of the agreement were undisclosed.

Dr. Lan Ma, Head of R&D at Humanwell Healthcare, said:” In the race to combat coronavirus infections and the spread of the virus, we used GDBspace’s computational technology to identify molecules as inhibitors against Covid-19. This greatly cut the project time from months down to days.”

Dr. Runze He, CEO at Space Pharmaceuticals, said: “We are glad to see that our technologies make a real-world impact, by increasing the speed and lowering the cost of the drug discovery, and hence to meet the acute need of patients in the latest coronavirus epidemic outbreak.”

About Space Pharmaceuticals

Space Pharmaceuticals AG (“Space Pharmaceuticals”) is an AI-based drug discovery and peptide manufacture company. Its proprietary GDBspace discovery engine applies chemical space-based drug discovery, combined with artificial intelligence, to identify small molecules (incl. peptides and peptidomimetics) of interests in a precise and time-efficient manner – hence de-risking projects, increasing success rates, and significantly reducing time and costs. The Space Peptides laboratory arm is specialized in peptide manufacturing, as well as in vitro / in vivo validation of the molecules of interests. For more information, please visit Space Pharmaceutical’s website at,

About Humanwell Healthcare

Humanwell Healthcare Group Co. Ltd. (“Humanwell Healthcare”) (SHA: 600079) is a fully integrated healthcare solution provider and market leader in analgesics, and fertility regulation drugs. It is also a major player with expanding product portfolio and market shares in central nervous diseases (CNS), respiratory and dermatological diseases. Headquartered in China, Humanwell operates and serves its customers in over 50 countries and districts. Humanwell Pharmaceutical US, an independent subsidiary company of Humanwell Healthcare, based in Missouri, USA, focuses on developing novel therapies to address unmet medical needs. For more information, please visit Humanwell Healthcare’s website at