GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company, has its technologies featured on C&EN: “Exploring chemical space: Can AI take us where no human has gone before?”

GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company specialized in computational methods for drug discovery, was recently features in C&EN, Volume 98, Issue 13.

GDBspace’s map of molecules was featured on the cover of C&EN, whereas in comparison, it could take 1e172 C&EN cover pages to show every molecule possible in chemical space.

The author comments that “AI is helping us to find novel, useful molecules. For the field to really take off, though, these tools will need to be accessible to the wider chemistry community.”

To this aim, GDBspace allows non-informatics users (e.g., chemists, biologists, managers) to easily navigate the space of molecules and “fish out” their molecules of interests, via its unique user-friendly interface. This significantly lowers the cross-disciplinary communication barriers between informatics and chemistry, as well as the adoption barriers by non-informatics users.The Related links: