GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company, announces exclusive collaboration and licensing agreement with Sinqi Pharmaceutical to discover and develop novel ophthalmology therapies

GDBspace, a Space Pharmaceuticals company specialized in chemical space-based drug discovery, and Sinqi Pharmaceutical, a leading ophthalmology pharmaceutical company, announced today an exclusive global collaboration and licensing agreement to research, develop, manufacture and commercialize novel peptide drugs of an undisclosed ophthalmology target.

“Space Pharmaceuticals is rooted in a long history of computational chemistry research and has deep expertise of AI-based drug discovery. We believe this is a strong strategic opportunity to enhance our growing discovery portfolio”, said a spokesperson at Sinqi Pharmaceutical.

“This agreement with Sinqi Pharmaceutical further validates our expertise in AI discovery and preclinical development of peptide therapeutics”, said Dr. Runze He, CEO of Space Pharmaceuticals.

Under the terms of the agreement, Space Pharmaceuticals will be eligible to receive an undisclosed upfront cash payment as well as additional milestone payments based on development, regulatory and commercial milestones. In addition, Sinqi Pharmaceutical will pay royalties on future net sales on any product that may result from this collaboration. Financials of the agreement were undisclosed.

About Space Pharmaceuticals

Space Pharmaceuticals AG (“Space Pharmaceuticals”) is an AI-based drug discovery and peptide manufacture company. Its proprietary GDBspace discovery engine applies chemical space-based drug discovery, combined with artificial intelligence, to identify small molecules (incl. peptides and peptidomimetics) of interests in a precise and time-efficient manner –
hence de-risking projects, increasing success rates, and significantly reducing time and costs. The Space Peptides laboratory arm is specialized in peptide manufacturing, as well as in vitro / in vivo validation of the molecules of interests. For more information, please visit Space Pharmaceutical’s website at,

About Sinqi Pharmaceutical

Shenyang Xingqi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (“Sinqi Pharmaceutical”) (SZSE: 300573) is a leading, commercially successful, China-based pharmaceutical company principally engaged in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of ophthalmologic drugs. The company’s main products are ophthalmologic prescription drugs, including corneal repairing drugs, anti-infective drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-allergic drugs, as well as anti-hyperemia & fatigue relief drugs and others. For more information, please visit Sinqi Pharmaceutical’s website at